• It’s as easy as that: 10 steps to crystal-clear ice!

  • Clear Ice Box

    New: Clear ice without any ice machine!

  • Experience the magic of invisible ice blocks!



Clear ice without any ice machine – perfect for your ice production at home or for smaller outlets. The Clear Ice Box is our solution for everyone without space for the Ice Forward ice block machine or for all of you who do not need huge amounts of clear ice on a daily basis. You can order your Clear Ice Box here:

  • Easy to use, just like ordinary ice cube moulds 
  • Crystal clear ice thanks to a smart chamber system 
  • No filtered or distilled water required 
  • Longer cooling and slower dilution than with smaller ice cubes 
  • Neutral in taste, food-safe and BPA-free 
  • Available in two shapes: BIG CUBES for 6 big ice cubes (approx. 5 x 5 x 5 cm) or SPEARS for 3 ice spears (approx. 13.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 cm)
  • Dimensions of the insulation box incl. filling mould: approx. 20.6 x 15.4 x 11.5 cm (L x W x H)

The machine

The Ice Forward ice machine enables easy and efficient production of crystal clear ice blocks for kitchens, bars and more. Create visual highlights and use the Ice Forward ice blocks for spectacular stagings. Adjust your ice cube size perfectly to your drinks and meals and guarantee the best possible cooling.

Here you can download all the details about our machine in a language of your choice:

Your benefits

Economical consumption

In contrast to conventional ice machines, not a drop of water is lost.

Lower CO2 emissions

We rely on refrigerants in accordance with the new international environmental standards! (EU regulation 517/2014)

Compact design

Our machine is no larger than a standard dishwasher – so it fits into any business!

Fast freezing process

Produce a large ice block or use our partition wall to produce two small ice blocks at the same time!

Easy to use

Unlike other ice block machines, you do not need expensive accessory equipment such as a crane or lifting aid.

Quality from Germany

The high-quality workmanship according to German quality standards reduces maintenance requirements to a minimum!


Order now

If you are interested in our ice block machine or any accessories, please contact us here:

Accessories for your ice block machine

With the new partition wall from Ice Forward, you can produce two smaller ice blocks simultaneously. This makes handling even easier and less complicated! The blocks have a footprint of approximately 24x60cm and an individually adjustable height of 15–24cm. Simply place the partition wall in the machine, put two bags in it and fill them with water! The partition wall can be removed at any time. It is produced in Germany and made of the same high-quality stainless steel that is used for our machine.


How it works: 10 steps to crystal-clear ice

  1. Open the lid of your machine and place an Ice Forward ice bag in the basin.
  2. Fill the bag with water.
  3. Close the lid and adjust the pumps so that the lower tips of the pumps protrude into the water.
  4. Press the red button for 5 seconds to turn on the machine and set the desired target temperature.
  5. Press the black button for 5 seconds to start the two pumps.
  1. When ice production is complete, turn off the pumps and machines by pressing the off button.
  2. Open the front door of the machine by sliding the latches to the side.
  3. Loosen the partitions on both sides and let the ice block rest for a moment.
  4. Remove the water film from the ice block.
  5. Now you can simply remove your ice block through the front door and process it further.

Here you can find all details:

About Ice Forward

Ice Forward was developed by Hinzself. For many years, the German company has been providing ground-breaking products for innovation in the catering industry. Its portfolio includes high-tech workwear from Novation, eco-friendly drinking straws from Stir & Straw and the glass collection Perfect Serve Collection by Stephan Hinz. The mind behind Hinzself is the prize-winning bar expert Stephan Hinz. He is the owner of the award-winning bar Little Link in Cologne and has published several specialist books on the subjects of drinks and gastronomy. Years of experience in the gastronomy and event sectors formed the basis for the development of his products. As a speaker, Hinz has passed on his knowledge at trade fairs and events in over 20 countries on four continents.


Where can I order?

Just send us an e-mail at info@iceforward.com and let us know the desired articles and the delivery address. We take over further handling personally or recommend a dealer in your region.

How do the ice blocks of the Ice Forward ice machine become so clear?

The special isolation, sophisticated design, high-quality workmanship, and circulation of the water in the tank impact the freezing process and ensure the production of preferably clear ice blocks.

What are the dimensions of the Ice Forward ice machine?

The machine is 75.2cm wide, 72cm deep and 92.8cm high. This makes it no larger than a standard dishwasher. Make sure that there is space of at least 60cm above the machine. This makes it possible to open the lid completely and enables convenient filling.

Which connections are necessary for the Ice Forward ice machine?

A simple socket (230V, 50Hz) is all you need. Each machine is equipped with an approx. 230cm long plug cable. A separate water connection is not required.

Which information is vital in regards to voltage and power input?

The operating voltage is 230 V/50 Hz. The overall power input is 384 watt (cooling unit 2.8 ampere at 380 watt, cooling controller 4 watt).

How much water is necessary for an ice block?

Depending on the filling level, approx. 40–60 litres of water are required for a large ice block. If the partition wall is used, approx. 20–30 litres of water are required for a small ice block.

How long does it take to produce an ice block?

The freezing time depends on the chosen fill level and the ambient conditions. Standard periods are between 24 and 48 hours.

How big and how heavy are the produced ice blocks?

The ice blocks generated by the Ice Forward ice machine are approximately 48cm in width and approximately 60cm in depth. By adapting the water quantity, the height of the blocks can be adjusted individually. To enable good further processing, we recommend a height of approximately 15 to 24 cm. The weight of the ice blocks is approximately 35-50 kg.

How large and how heavy are the ice blocks that are produced when the partition wall is used?

If you use the Ice Forward partition wall in your machine, you can simultaneously produce two ice blocks with a footprint of approx. 24x30cm. The height of the blocks can be adjusted individually by changing the water quantity. We recommend a height of approx. 15–24cm for good further processing. The weight of the ice blocks is approx. 17–25kg per ice block.

How can the ice blocks be removed from the machine?

The partition walls are disengaged after the freezing process. The block should be at rest for a moment. Through the opening at the front of the machine, the block can easily be removed (e.g. lifting the block on a service vehicle). Unlike other ice block machines, you do not need expensive accessory equipment such as a crane or lifting aid.

Where can I get tools for further processing?

You can use the ice blocks whole or crushed. We are happy to recommend established suppliers of saws, ice picks and more to our customers.