The Machine

The Ice Forward ice machine enables easy and efficient production of crystal clear ice blocks for kitchens, bars and more. Create visual highlights and use the Ice Forward ice blocks for spectacular stagings. Adjust your ice cube size perfectly to your drinks and meals and guarantee the best possible cooling. Dimensions: 92,8 x 75,2 x 72,0 cm.


The next generation: Sustainable and environmentally conscious

The models comply with the latest sustainability standards and the use of a different refrigerant significantly reduce CO2 emissions and the global warming potential. Order now!

Advanced insulation

Enjoy an even faster freezing process thanks to 360° insulation, even at higher outside temperatures!

New pump technology

Achieve even better results with a smoother surface thanks to ideal water circulation!

Lower CO2 emissions

Think ahead and rely on refrigerants that comply with the new international environmental standards! (EU regulation 517/2014)

Your Benefits

Economical consumption

In contrast to conventional ice machines, not a drop of water is lost.

Compact design

With its practical dimensions, the Ice Forward ice machine fits into any operation.

Short production time

Thanks to perfect insulation, you can produce a large ice block in a short time.

Foolproof handling

The ice blocks can be removed with no additional tools.

Easy maintenance

The high-quality design reduces maintenance efforts to a minimum.

Made in Germany

Ice Forward stands for the best workmanship in accordance with German quality standards.


Order now

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The Creator

The mind behind Ice Forward is the prize-winning bar expert Stephan Hinz. He is the owner of the award-winning bar Little Link in Cologne and has published several specialist books on the subjects of drinks and gastronomy. Years of experience in the gastronomy and event sectors formed the basis for the development of his ice machine.

Hinz has worked again and again with leading industrial partners to develop pioneering solutions for the catering industry. He has previously developed a bar module series, a range of fruit purees and his own glass collection.

As a speaker, Hinz has passed on his knowledge at trade fairs and events in over 20 countries on four continents. He supports gastronomy and industry through his expertise, along with his companies Hinzself and Cocktailkunst.


How do the ice blocks of the Ice Forward ice machine become so clear?

The special isolation, sophisticated design, high-quality workmanship, and circulation of the water in the tank impact the freezing process and ensure the production of preferably clear ice blocks.

Which connections are necessary for the Ice Forward ice machine? Which information is vital in regards to voltage and power input?

A regular socket is all you need for the Ice Forward ice machine. Neither additional water supply nor high voltage current is needed. The operating voltage is 230 V/50 Hz. The overall power input is 506 watt (cooling unit 2.8 ampere at 502 watt, cooling controller 4 watt).

What are the dimensions of the Ice Forward ice machine?

The Ice Forward ice machine is 92.8 cm in height, 75.2 cm in width, and 72 cm in depth.

How big and how heavy are the produced ice blocks?

The ice blocks generated by the Ice Forward ice machine are approximately 50 cm in width and approximately 60 cm in depth. By adapting the water quantity the height of the blocks can be adjusted individually. To enable good ruther processing, we recommend a height of approximately 15 to 22 cm. The weight of the ice blocks is approximately 50 kg.

How much water is necessary for the ice block?

Approximately 70 liters of water are needed at the maximum fill level.

How can the ice blocks be removed from the machine?

The partition walls are disengaged after the freezing process. The block should be at rest for a moment. Through the opening at the front of the machine, the block can easily be removed (e.g. lifting the block on a service vehicle).

How long does it take to produce an ice block?

The freezing time depends on the chosen fill level and the ambient conditions. Standard periods are between 30 and 50 hours.